Japan House Experiences

Please note that Japan House is a university teaching facility and that courses take place inside during the week as well as other public programming. Private requests may not be possible if there is a conflict with already scheduled events and classes. We strongly recommend signing up for public events via EventBrite.

Japan House welcomes classes, groups, and organizations to participate in cultural engagement experiences such as tea ceremonies and wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) making or tasting workshops, and educational lectures from the comfort of their home, their institution, or at Japan House. Experiences may be combined with Japan House Shares videos to prepare participants prior to the experience.

We ask that you please email us at japanhouse@illinois.edu to arrange for your tailored experience with details about group size, dates/times, location, and preferred experience. Whether it's for a class, team building, or to celebrate a special occasion, Japan House can create customized experiences so everyone can enjoy Japanese arts and culture wherever they are!

What We Offer

Experiencing the tea ceremony virtually at Japan House does not disappoint. You still feel the welcoming presence of the staff and a professional view of the tea room and sensei that is impressive. The simultaneously calming and educational experience leaves the viewer feeling as though they’ve had an enriching experience despite not being able to drink the tea! Highly recommended!

 Prof. Mary Beth Koszut, Non-Western Art History

Bringing students to Japan House has become a highlight of my courses. Touring the gardens and learning about their history allows students to experience a planned natural environment and understand how human culture and nonhuman nature intersect. Often this initial visit results in a long-term fascination with the space, inspiring further study of Japanese culture and the environmental humanities. 

Prof. Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Classics