The Art of Wagashi by Kimiko Gunji

This book features stunning full color images and over 75 recipes within 214 pages.

Wagashi is commonly translated as “Japanese sweets or confections.” Wa (和) denotes all things Japanese, and gashi originates from kashi (菓子), or okashi, which refers to all confections.

This book, “The Art of Wagashi, Recipes for Japanese Sweets that Delight the Palate and the Eyes,” is dedicated to A. D. Moore (1931–2013), Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who was a mentor and great supporter of Japan House. Professor Moore (or Doyle-sensei, as we fondly called him) was a man of versatility with a wealth of knowledge. He was a kind and warm-hearted person, forever curious, who possessed “doshin,” a child-like kokoro (kokoro is a Japanese word encompassing multiple meanings including "mind," “heart,” and “spirit.”) One of the things he shared with so many people was how to make wagashi, which he learned first-hand by visiting a Japanese wagashi shop in Japan many years ago. With his instruction, several of Japan House’s students learned the basic techniques and made wagashi for tea classes. Doyle-sensei often discussed writing a wagashi book in English so that people outside of Japan could make authentic wagashi to enjoy with a bowl of tea. Regrettably, his dream did not come true while he was on this earth, but his legacy has been passed down to many generations. Professor Emeritus Kimiko Gunji embarked upon writing this book in honor of Doyle-sensei five years ago, and finally, we feel ready to present this cookbook to all of those who love wagashi.

The recipes in this book have been carefully crafted for genuineness. Each recipe has been tested and refined by experienced sweet makers. Other notable features of this book are that all of the ingredients are easily purchased in the United States, and that the final products are authentic in taste and appearance.

It is Professor Gunji’s greatest hope that all of you who make wagashi according to the recipes in this book will enjoy these treats not only with the palate, but with all senses.

ISBN: 9780578453828
LOC: 0578453827

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