Japan House Shares


Join us Sunday, August 9 at 4pm on YouTube as we premiere the next theme in our Japan House Shares series.

Umeshu is a traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume fruit steeped in alcohol and sugar. It is sweet, fruity, and tangy and can be enjoyed in various ways; straight, on the rocks, or with soda. Umeshu has a long history dating back over 2000 years.

We are honored to have the original Japan House Founder and Professor Emeritus Shozo Sato teach us how to make his secret family umeshu recipe.

With a few simple ingredients, and lots of patience, you can learn to make your own umeshu at home.

Please watch YouTube Premiere video with the Japan House Staff at 4pm where you can LIVE CHAT! Make sure you log in a few minutes early to see the countdown.


If you would like to watch the Japan House Shares videos at your leisure, they will be available online indefinitely. Click here to go to the Japan House Shares Playlist to view past videos focusing themes such as Whisking the Perfect Bowl of Matcha, Making Omusubi, Wagashi demos and more!