Become a Tomonokai member

The Tomonokai (Friends of Japan House) program was established in 1998 with a goal of supporting Japan House programming and events and promoting an understanding of Japanese Arts and Culture.

Connect with Other Members

Whether you became interested in Japan House because of the tea ceremonies, or the gardens, or the many other events we hold, you will find a group of other enthusiastic Japan House supporters when you become a Tomonokai member. You will have a chance to get to know them at special Tomonokai events as well as the myriad of programs held at Japan House. You also will be helping to make our programming possible. All of our programming is funded by private donations. Without Tomonokai support, we could not do what we do.

Membership Benefits

Making a monetary donation automatically qualifies you for Tomonokai membership. Enhanced benefits will be arranged for higher level donations. All donations towards membership are tax deductible. All Tomonkai members receive reduced fees on all tickets events at Japan House, invitations to special events and the knowledge they are helping to create moments of both peace and joy for so many.

Tomonokai Membership Levels

We welcome corporate donations - if you'd like to make a matching donation or have other questions for donations, please contact