Enjoy Japan House’s matcha at home.

Japan House has a small collection of matcha and tea utensils for sale for those who would like to enjoy matcha and tea ceremony at home. We carry the following items for sale (shipping and handling not included):

  • $20: 40g can of Koyamaen Isuzu matcha
  • $35: Chasen (bamboo tea whisk)
  • $35-45: Chawan (tea bowl)
  • $35: Kogo (incense container)
  • $10: Chasen Naoshi (tea whisk holder)
  • $8: Chakin (tea cloth)
  • $5: Chashaku (bamboo tea spoon)
  • $5: Incense (sandalwood or green tea scented)

Please contact our office at 217.244.9934 or email japanhouse@illinois.edu to place an order and inquire about shipping.