Wellness Essentials

Enjoy some of Japan House's favorite wellness items at home.

Japan House has a small collection of gift items, matcha and tea utensils for sale for those who would like to enjoy matcha and tea ceremony at home including:

  • 20th Anniversary Republic of Tea
  • Koyamaen Isuzu Matcha
  • Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)
  • Whisk Stand
  • Koyamaen Matcha Candy
  • Set/6 Japan House Greeting Cards
  • Crane Strand (10 Cranes)
  • Japan House Cares Packages
  • "The Art of Wagashi" by Kimiko Gunji


We also carry the following items on a limited basis and not on the web shop, but may be available to add to your order:

  • $35-45: Chawan (tea bowl)
  • $35: Kogo (incense container)
  • $10: Chasen Naoshi (tea whisk holder)
  • $5: Chashaku (bamboo tea spoon)
  • $5: Incense (sandalwood or green tea scented)

Please contact our office at 217.244.9934 or email japanhouse@illinois.edu for more information, to place an order, or inquire about shipping.