ARTJ 101: Introduction to Japanese Aesthetics

The main focus of this course is the exploration of how Japanese aesthetics can be applied to your own investigations and practices as students in various disciplines. Through the study, exposure, and immersion to Japanese aesthetics and culture, it is hoped that students will acquire a better understanding of how the idea of beauty permeates through most aspects of Japanese culture and how these ideals may be applied to their own work, interactions, and understanding of their own surroundings.

What you’ll do

This course will allow students to have a hands-on experience in various forms of traditional Japanese arts which may include flower arranging, calligraphy, painting, tea ceremony, meditation and sweet making.

What You’ll Learn

It is hoped that this class will transcend the mere imparting of information and skills. This class will expose students to a way of thinking, seeing, understanding, and experiencing that possess spiritual, artistic, moral, philosophical, disciplinary, and social significance. This course is not necessarily interested in the perfection or mastering of technical skills, but it elevates the value of the journey and process of discovery.

This course will become the study of the way of life rather than a specified art form

Educational outcomes for this course include gaining new knowledge of Japanese arts and culture, becoming familiar with Japanese traditions and customs, applying Japanese aesthetics, theories, and philosophies to one’s own disciplinary area and gaining new perspectives, and enriching one’s life to grow into a well-rounded human being.


No requirements. This class is open to all students.

Class Schedule

This class meets once a week on Wednesdays in the spring semester for the second eight weeks.